UFO CATCHER GET! - Cubic Disney

Posted by Greg Narvasa On Tuesday, August 24, 2010 0 comments

My BF likes the Golden Eggs series alot, and for those who dont know Golden Eggs, its like the South Park of Japan. The characters are so random, but it the show seems to be most funny by playing with more awkward silence moments and misunderstandings.  

Recently there has been a colaboration with The World of Golden Eggs and Disney called Cubic Disney. See more after the jump
Needless to say these are ぶすかわいい [busikawaii] meaning "ugly but cute" and since my BF is a fan of GE i wanted to win these for him. These were pretty easy from the UFO catcher in the Ogikubo game center, so i was able to win the whole set in two trips.

Now they have GIANT versions of these characters to win in the game center, but im not a big fan of the Disney versions, so i havent tried to win them, but if you are able to get to a game center this summer i suggest you to try for them.

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