J-MUSIC: Songs about the convinience store

Posted by Greg Narvasa On Wednesday, August 25, 2010 0 comments

Japan is definitely a land where the convinience store is an important part of how this country functions. You of course buy food items and many daily item needs, but you can also pay bills like electricity and national health care, send packages, drop off dry cleaning and even buy tickets for concerts, bus to the airport and more. It is no suprise that people would write songs about the "konbini" here are a couple of examples of Japans love for the Konbini.

Hatsune Miku "konbini"

Hatsune Miku original "konbini" sung by halyosy in ballad style.

This video is by the duo known as Briefs & Trunks with their song simply entitled "Konbini".

This one is the same song, but with a fan made video using Denno coil characters in it.

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