K-ON! PV Outfit figures

Posted by Greg Narvasa On Monday, August 23, 2010 0 comments

K-ON! has been one of those series that one gets obsessed about. For me I heard about the series in passing but never checked it out. It wasn't until i won the PV Yui figure from a UFO catcher, posted my winnings on twitter and then had people chime in how awesome the show was that i finally searched youtube to see what the fuss was about. Instantly I was hooked, the characters, situations, comedy, animation and music all worked together amazingly. Then something inside of me sparked, something that had been dormant for years... my inner otaku self had fully re-emerged. I have been living in Tokyo for over a year and a half and i have had access to all sorts of anime, manga and toys, but I did not have the same otaku urges that I had when i was younger, till i met Yui.

For the UFO catcher prizes this, this is the second series from these style figures. The first were of their regular uniforms, the current ones are from their imaginary music video from when they played their first live performance at the school. These figures are in a kind of retro 60's go-go girl look, and i love it! The set has four characters, Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Mugi, but i had not won the Ritsu figure from the UFO catcher, but I want to complete this set! There is a toy shop near where I work and they have the Ritsu for only 1000yen, so i have plans to get her probably this coming week.

For the overal quality of the figures, i like them alot. They are well designed, painted and sculpted but my only problem is from the Mio figure, she leans too forward on her stand and easily falls down. If you have a chance to find these, i highly reccomend picking them up.

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