FOOD SPOT: Chocolate cake to die for!

Posted by Greg Narvasa On Tuesday, August 17, 2010 0 comments

As i mentioned in an earlier post, my BF and i are looking for a new place to move together. We hopped on the chuo like over to Mitaka station to check out the area. Mitaka station area isnt too bed, but really not great also. When we went to check out pricing, we found it to be much higher that we expected, so now we have crossed off Mitaka from the list. On our way back, inside the station we found a nice sweets shop. They have like 20 different tarts and other deserts, but i had to try the chocolate cake! We bought a slice of chocolate cake and a orange & lime tart each. The tart was delicious, but the chocolate cake was amazing! It was several thin layers of cake and chocolate moose, it was so good that i have reccomended to several of my students to go and try it out.

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