FOOD SPOT: eating on a budget - 1

Posted by Greg Narvasa On Monday, August 30, 2010 0 comments

Living on a budget would seem hard in the most expensive city in the world Businessweek: Most Expensive Cities 2010, one would find it difficult to afford to even eat. Luckily there are shops like Sukiya, Saizeriya and many small mom & pop shops to eat at for a small amount.

This bowl is a spicy ground meat mix on top of rice and a soft boiled egg comes with a bowl of soup and pickled veggies. This will fill you up and it costs under 500yen. I sat down with a copy of the manga CROWS which I also picked up really cheap for only 105yen from the chain used book store called Book Off

The manga CROWS is by Hiroshi Takahashi 高橋ヒロシ who created this series in 1990 who has also made a smin off call WORST, both involving stories of high school delinquents gangs. In 2007 a Movie called Crows Zero, the story of the gangs beginnings was released Visually the movies look good, but overall they lack real interest, but i could be wrong, check it out and tell me what you think.

Music video for the Crows soundtrack, The Street Beats - I wanna change

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