OTAKU MOMENT: Kamen Rider clock

Posted by Greg Narvasa On Monday, August 30, 2010 0 comments

For those who live outside of Japan and are into many of it's cultures from anime to fashion or whatever, know how difficult it can be to get these items you want. Usually you have yo hit up Ebay or happen to travel to Japan itself to get the items you want at regular pricing, not the inflated internet prices. Many times thats what most people have to do to get their otaku fix.

One item i know my friend Pat back home would love is this Kamen Rider alarm clock. It is being sold at Yodabashi camera and is retailing for just under 4000yen. To find something like this, and at the size it is would probably be paying double it's price, possibly triple the price they way the US$ is floundering these days. If you are in Japan, stock up on your otaku goods, it will probably be the best price you will find!

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