FOOD SPOT: Japanese Deli

Posted by Greg Narvasa On Tuesday, August 24, 2010 1 comments

When you think of a Deli, usually one would think lunch meats, cheese and pre cooked foods like fried chicken, mac n cheese and mashed potatoes. For Japanese Delis its filled with tones of fried foods like, fried fish, fried pork, fried chickem, fried vegetables. Get the point of everything is fried? Well its also super convinient and especially cheap come the later hours of the day. Around 8-9pm depending on the supermarket, the food becomes discounted. Food will get discounted from 10% up to 50%! Tonights dinner selection is some fried fish along with a cheap sushi bento (not really sushi because it only had shrimp and crab, everything else was rice or veggies) aling with a can of root beer. The food was at 30% discount and came to about 350yen. When in Japan, to be budget minded, remember the food discount times at your local supermarket, it could save you tons of money in wich you can used to go drinking later!