Posted by Greg Narvasa On Monday, August 23, 2010 0 comments

I work in the area of Tokyo called Kichijoji. I often have extended break times so i head out and wander about to fill up my time. I usually stop this particular game center often because they have good prizes that are relativly easy to GET. This UFO catcher in particular i have played at least a dozen times, but i have never paid attention to the sign of this one. Yesterday night, after eating some kaiten sushi with my BF, i hinted i wanted to play some games but before heading in he wanted to smoke a cigarette at the smoke area just in fron of the game center. As we chatted is when the sign hit me of what it said "UFO COLON". This is a total LULZ moment for me! I love Japan and its inappropriate usage of the english language.

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