ENGRISH: fried salad

Posted by Greg Narvasa On Wednesday, January 29, 2014 0 comments

I didn't know that fried salad was a thing! But in Japan how can one be shocked anymore, right? Before coming to Japan I though healthy food was prevalent across Japan, as it hold the crown of highest life expectancy. But that does not had true to the generation after. The generation in their 50-60s have a much higher rate of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and have more westernized oversized diets. 

Now many would like to call me out as this being untrue, but approx 32% of men are overweight, which is several points higher than just a few years prior. On the opposite about 1 in 4 women are considered too under weight. But due to bad starvation eating habits.

Getting back to the fried salad, of course this is misuse of English here in Japan, as they wanted to say they have many fried items and separate salads available. A simple mistake that could have avoided if they just asked a native English speaker before throwing the text up on the wall.

But if it had not been done, this post would not have been made... Cuts both ways...

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